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Ylang ylang and lavender body oil

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This body oil contains many fatty acids like oleic, linoleic and palmitoleic. It also contains many vitamins and minerals. These ingredients combined make the oil very moisturizing and regenerating. They also help to restore the skin’s barrier function, reducing water loss.

For best results use after bathing on damp skin to help lock in moisture.



Made in UK

  • Cautions

    Do not use on open skin as irritation may occur

  • Ingredients


    • Organic Castor oil
    • Organic Macadamia oul
    • Peach Kernal oil
    • Organic Hemp oil
    • Camellia oil
    • Vitamin E
    • Organic Ylang Ylang
    • Organic Lavender
    • Organic Chamomile Roman

    This oil contains 100% natural and 69% certified organic ingredients. 

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