Our organic Rose Geranium hand sanitizers are anti-bacterial, purifying, and hydrating, and contain 80% alcohol by volume. Hand crafted with a proprietary blend of skin soothing moisturizers and botanicals to leave your skin feeling fresh, and moisturized; and infused with uplifting and calming essential oils for therapeutic aromatherapy benefits. 100% organic and non-toxic.

Effectively kills germs, virus, bacteria on contact. Leaves hands soft and smelling heavenly!

Works great as a face mask sanitizer, and as a disinfectant spray on home surfaces and public places (counter tops, door handles, keyboards, cellphones, yoga mats, restrooms, shopping carts, public transportation etc.)

Exceeds CDS’s standards of 60% alcohol.

Rose Geranium hand sanitizer Spray

  •  Alcohol, Distilled Water, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Essential Oils

  • Shake well, spray on hands, and rub together until dry.

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