Natural Loofah is an organic product derived straight from nature and can decompose back into nature.  It is an excellent substitute for a man-made sponge to use in the bath or shower with your favourite soap. 


We like it so much at Eden Days Body, we have bought a couple to use in the kitchen and bathroom to clean surfaces.  Just make sure you mark your loofah, you don't want to confuse your body loofah with your shower cleaning one!


Look at its benefits for your skin:


  • It exfoliates the skin 
  • It improves blood circulation to the skin
  • It does not cause irritation, inflammation or breakouts
  • It helps in keeping the skin firm and smooth 


How to use it:

Use warm water in softening the loofah, the wetter it gets, the softer it will be.

Just rub a small amount of soap on its surface, and you will immediately get the amount of lather you need.

You will get the best result when you rub in small circles on your skin.



  • Always rinse the loofah after use.
  • Let the loofah dry completely between use.
  • As with any bath product, sterilise it at least once a week in boiled water or throw it in your washing machine.


Loofah: 100% Loofah
Cord: 100% Cotton

Natural Loofah




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