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In short, we're a family who cares about the environment and who want to help our customers get the safest products, in the best packaging and with the best service for a safer and conscious living.


When was the last time you purchased something that truly made a difference?

Not only by putting a smile on your face but on others too; Handmade, Locally Purchased, Ethically Made... are just three examples. So by treating yourself to a product or two from Eljemel, you're supporting small businesses as well around the world.

At Eljemel we'll inspire you with natural and sustainable wellness products.

We have combined our resources and expert knowledge to help you save time and worries building a catalog that embodies organic beauty and wellness philosophy through our products.


Organic - Cruelty Free - Sustainable

Organic products are made with plants in a controlled  environment. The soil they've grown in is unpolluted by harmful chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers.
The organic certification on our website is a guarantee that the products we have selected were made using the purest ingredients and cleanest methods available.

Sustainability means meeting our own needs taking into account the needs of future generations. Which includes environmentalism, social equity and economic development.


Cruelty Free products are safe to use and have never been tested on animals. There are at least 7K safe components to make skincare, cosmetics and accessories without needing to have recourse to cruelty. There are other ways to test products other than to put it on a living being.

We're completely against difficult to pronounce chemicals which can cause damage to your health and skin.  Natural products with organic ingredients won't cause any harmful side effects. It's also much better for the environment, as the heavy chemicals used in non-natural products pollute air and water.


Eljemel started when we understood that transparency is the key to a safer product. The way ingredients are usually labeled using unreadable harmful chemical compounds such as:




Butylated Hydroxyanisole (BHA) and Butylated Hydroxytoluene (BHT)

Perfume, Fragrance, Naturally Scented 



Inspired us to provide only safe products for kids and adults.


We often see products marketed containing "pure natural ingredients" but a true natural let's say...Wax for instance should have just ONE ingredient:  Wax

Or even Hydrogenated oils are used in products to increase its shelf life and save costs on ingredients. Such oils undergo such a process that they lose if not all - most of the nutrients of the ingredients.

With Transparency, you can evaluate the raw materials that go in your skincare and fully understand what you are using in your skin.
And with the current economy, we're sure you'd also want to invest your hard earned money into real natural and cruelty free products.


We aim to offer a great range of products that are nice for your skin, good for your wallet and perfect for the environment.

Find your favorites among our organic, cruelty free and sustainable wellness products in our catalogs.

We work with brands that will make you feel good about what you’re using on your face, body and soul.

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Eljemel Team